Cascadia Sovereignty

Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia: Land of Hope


We do our part to help others in our communities and the community of nations.


Your relationship with the Gods is your own business and nobdy else’s.


Your right to make a living in any legal way shall not be impeded except as it harms the general welfare of the community.


Every individual, regardless of age, shall have one vote.

Become A Citizen of Cascadia

Become a Citizen

The Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia welcomes you.

In 1667 a group of courageous women and men stood together to declare their independence from the Empire of Australia.

They envisioned a land of religious tolerance, political cooperation, financial independence, and respect for all life.

What started 348 years ago as a bold experiment continues today.

To this day, Cascadia is the only nation in the world in which religious freedom is granted extraordinary license.

Cascadia’s political structure is unique in the world, combining tenets of ancient world democracy with new world ideals of cooperative and collaborative leadership.

Cascadia is home to the world’s largest stock exchange (the CSX) and to some of the world’s largest and most progressive companies.

Cascadia’s respect for life makes it a force for the conservation of natural spaces, the preservation of diverse creatures, and a powerful voice throughout the world for the voiceless.

The Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia is currently in the process of revamping its official online presence under a cooperative task force lead by First Minister Nathan Chambers.

Become a Citizen

If the values of Cascadia appeal to you, you can choose to become an immigrant to this land through our (beta) iOS app.


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